Inspired by Shinichi Suzuki’s summer school in Japan, Institut Suzuki Montréal is an enjoyable and inspiring musical experience for both children and adults. It brings together students, parents and guest teachers for a lively week of learning.

The Institut has been aptly described as a "musical immersion week". It is a unique opportunity to be immersed in a nurturing and musical environment of playing, singing, performing, studying, attending concerts, and being with others who share the same interests. Parents (or a guardian) accompany and participate in their childrens’ activities throughout the week. Parental accompaniment is not required for all teen activities.

The Institut is bilingual. Individual instruction is given in either French or English, according to preference. Some group events may incorporate both languages.

Performance is highlighted at the Institut. Students and parents are encouraged to attend daily concerts given by guests of the Institut, faculty members, orchestras and chamber music ensembles. Along with their peers, the Institut participants all get a chance to perform in a solo concert as well as in the final group concert.

MAIN WEEK: July 22-29, 2018


TEACHER TRAINING: July 21-29 (See Programs/Teacher Training for more information on courses and dates)

New this year!

  • Suzuki program for Bass
  • Optional Introduction to Bass class for pianists, violinists and violists
  • Gumboots class