No more LNG — B.C.’s big climate problem

Tell Premier Eby to say no to big oil and gas

Even as the climate crisis intensifies, big oil and gas companies, like Shell, are pushing the B.C. government to expand the liquefied natural gas industry. Doing so would mean thousands of kilometres of new pipelines, thousands of new fracking wells and megatonnes of new greenhouse gas emissions. It would also mean B.C. could not meet its climate targets.

Right after becoming premier, David Eby said, “We cannot continue to build out fossil fuel infrastructure and meet our climate goals.” He was right.

While oil and gas companies make exorbitant profits, they want more and more of YOUR hard-earned cash in the form of subsidies and tax concessions so they can export fracked gas to Asia, where rosy projections of growing demand are fading while investment in renewable energy is soaring as costs plummet.

Premier Eby has the opportunity to do what’s best for us and the planet.

Please tell Premier Eby to say no to more LNG.